Print or Preview 1099s

After you generate the work file and edit the data as necessary, you can print or preview the 1099 forms.

To print or preview the 1099 form, complete the following steps:

  1. Ensure that your printer has the correct forms to use for printing 1099 forms.

  2. Select Accounting » Accounts Payable » Form 1099 Processing.

  3. On toolbar of the Form 1099 Processing form, click Print.gif Print, and select from the following options:

To download the report, click the Download Report button. To print the report, click the Print Report button.

To print from the Print dialog box, complete the following steps:

  1. Examine the Printer Name field to ensure that this is the printer you want to use. Select the correct printer if necessary.

If you modify the Printer Name, the Model, Location, and Description fields, refresh with data for the printer that you select.

When you select the <local printer> setting:

  1. Specify the pages to print:

  1. In the Number of Copies field, enter the quantity of copies to print, to a maximum of 999.

When you select more than one copy to print and you clear the Collate check box, the 1099 forms will print using printing technology from a previous Vision version. For more information, see Print Using a Previous Version of Vision's Printing Technology for more information.

  1. In the Size field, the default setting is Letter. You can select a different dimension, such as Legal or A4.

  2. If your printer has more than one paper tray, you can select a Source.

  3. If your printer can change the dimension and scale reports, you can use the Set Scale option to specify a scale.

  4. If you have a color printer, select Use Color to print the report in color.

  5. Select the Save reports to the application server when printing option to store a file copy of the report. If you select this option, you must also specify the file format.

To save the report without printing it, go to step 10.

  1. To save the report, use the Save file as option to specify the file format:

  2. Adobe PDF

  3. Rich Text Format (RTF)

  4. Microsoft Word Document — Vision saves the file in a .docx format. You can open the file in Word to make the report display better.

  5. Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (Display Format) — Vision saves the file in a format that you can open and display in Excel.

  6. Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (Data Format) — Vision saves the file in a format that you can open and edit in Excel. Deltek recommends this option if you are adding other data and calculations from another Excel file.

  1. Select Save Only to save the report without printing it.

  2. Click Print to send the report to the printer.

Security Note

If you do not have approval to access any printer, based on the settings in Lookups and Report Security, the Print button is not shown in the Reporting part of Vision. See your system administrator for more information.

Batch Reporting

See Schedule a Profile to Run Later for information about batch reporting.

Print 1099 Vendors and Totals

Use the Vendor List report to obtain a list of 1099 vendors and the amount that you paid to each one during the year.

Add the following items to the Vendor List report:

The report provides paid-last-year totals for vendors, whether or not they require 1099s.

This report does not compare the minimum payment required for 1099s with the actual payment that you made to vendors to distinguish which vendors will have 1099s generated for them in Form 1099 Processing.